How to Bath like a Boss

The art of bathing has become a dying luxury. The speed and convenience of a shower has over taken the benefits of submerging your body into a hot pool of water ready to absorb all your problems. Follow the below steps to bath like the CEO you know you are!!

Step one - locate a bath! 

Your priority is to locate a bath! With many flats and modern builds lacking a bath, you may be required to visit your parent's house transporting you straight back to childhood, or if incredibly desperate, you may need a few hours in a hotel room.

I have a bath every single day of my life. And if I can have two or three—amazing. emma watson 

Step two - water temperature.

Water temperature is a touchy topic, people become very in their defense of their bath water. 

Experts suggest bath water should be ideally 2 degrees warmer than your body temperature, with this advise let's say 39. But unless you have a thermometer handy a good place to start is with a bath that is slightly uncomfortable to lower into, without burning yourself. 

If hot enough and if your (or your parents, if you've taken advantage of their bath) are not concern about potential water damage from condensation, turn off the fan, shut the window and transform your bathroom into a steaming sauna. 

Step three - added extras.

Tea, water, wine, depending on the purpose of your bath (detox, relaxation, post exercise recovery) will provide a hint of decadence!

If using bath salts it's advised you drink water throughout your bath, as salt can become dehydrating. 

Using a Bath Soak will not only add an element of luxury to your bath, it will provide the benefits of the minerals contained in the salts and assist in preparing the body for sleep.

    Step four - mood lighting 

    To assist in calming the mind while submerged, soft lighting is preferred. Not only is candle light gentle on the eyes, everyone looks better in the soft golden flicker thrown across their body from the flame of a candle. 

    Step five - SOAK 

    With your phone out of arms reach and the next hour to yourself, a bath is designed to allow the weight of your body to be lifted while your mind is refreshed. You may like to complete a meditation or finish the chapter of your latest book to achieve ultimate bliss, it's best to avoid digital screens or stressful podcasts.

    Of course the purpose of the bath is to indulge in a moment of solitude and meditative peace, but many things can be accomplished in the bath. President Benjamin Franklin began each day in a bath, accomplishing his first hour of work submerged.

    So depending on the time of day and purpose of your bath, the moments separated from your phone's blue light and  allowing the business of the day to evaporate, you are prepared for a restful night's sleep. 

    Step six - rinse, dry and moisturise

    If soaking in bath salts it is necessary to rinse off. 

    This is also the best time to incorporate your skincare routine, as your pours will be open from the steam of the hot bath. Using your towel, gently pat your skin leaving it slightly wet allowing your moisturiser to glide over your skin, not only using less but your skin absorbing more.

    Step seven - sweet dreams

    All that is left is to slip into your favourite pair of pyjamas or dressing gown and you're ready for the most amazing night of sleep.












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