The origins of the Sleep Society


Nothing beats a good night's sleep!

At The Sleep Society we focus on the simple habits and customs that help send you into a deep and productive night's sleep.

A good night's sleep has become a rarity in our modern world, but it's the only answer to a clear head in the workplace, a youthful appearance and overall physical health.

On the quest to establish a restful and product sleep habit, The Sleep Society was founded to help provide a great night's sleep. 

My love affair with Epsom salt began due to persistent muscle aches and fatigue. The Sleep Society's first product Carpe Noctem Bath Soak, is formulated to utilise natural minerals to achieve a productive night's sleep.

All our products are created with your best night's sleep in mind, they are made here in Melbourne, using the highest quality products and materials.

Join me on my quest for the perfect night's sleep.

Bridget  x