Garment Care


Silk is a luxurious natural fibre and great care should be taken when cleaning your garments. 

Dry cleaning is the preferred cleaning method for our garments. It is especially recommended to remove stubborn or significant stains. 

Do NOT machine wash or tumble dry.

To hand wash your garments, wash in clod or lukewarm water with gentle or silk specific detergent. Do not allow the silk to soak for more than a few minutes before beginning to gentle hand wash the fabric. After the garment has been washed rinse with cold water to remove any detergent residue. 

Do not wring out excess water, instead lay the garment flat onto a towel. Slowly roll the towel from one end to the other with the garment inside. Repeat until all excess water has soaked into the towel. 

Allow the garment to dry naturally in the shade, as harsh sunlight or tumble drying will damage the silk. Be mindful to not hang your garment on a wooden clothes horse or coat hanger as this may cause the silk to stain. 

If the fabric has wrinkled very gently use a cool iron or one with a silk setting to remove any creases. Ironing will also return lustre to the silk after washing.