Introducing The Sleep Society

There is simply nothing more convincing as a fabulous recommendation! When a chance conversation unravels to provide a wealth of knowledge bestowed upon the privileged listener. A trusted authority always provides a trusted recommendation, that obscure and seemingly dangerous holiday destination your mother's friend returned from or a ten dollar ointment the CEO's wife gave up botox for and the book being read by the handsome German at Friday night's dinner party. 

You will probably never see them again (except your mother's friend, I do hope you see her again) but they have provided you with their parting wisdom which off course you try and if proven successful you then divulge this recommendation to the next deserving individual. 

There is simply nothing more empowering.

I am always listening out for recommendations for a solid night's sleep. A restful and refreshing night's sleep is an extremely precious and lucrative commodity. It can be the difference between a pass and fail, a winning argument or a sharp and witty comeback. It is a known and established reality that those in society who obtain a better night's sleep are at a greater advantage in life!

So a society for sleep was my marvelous antidote to rebut a terrible night's sleep and the solution to a fabulous one! I thought it would be wonderful to share and discuss our sleep recommendations over dinner and a glass of bubbly (of course virtually)! 

I mean it would be foolish to accept wonderful recommendations and not share them.

So please enjoy The Sleep Society and we look forward to welcoming you to the club!

Join The Sleep Society's Supper Club to rendezvous each week sharing the common interest of a great night's sleep.








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