Isolation Facial

The best before bed facial.

You will need one large mixing bowl, a tea towel or hand towel, two ice cubes and your favourite skin care products!

Step one - The first thing to remember is that although we often go to considerable lengths to achieve our desirable complexion, this method involves steam from boiling water. Both steam and boiling water can burn. I always make sure I either lock the bathroom door when I start this facial or I am the only one at home. This eliminates the element of surprise, which has the potential to startle you, causing you to spill boiling water on yourself.

woke up 

like this.

Step two - Boil the kettle! If you don't have a kettle, boil the water on the stove!

Step three - During the time the water is beginning to boil find a mixing bowl and either a hand towel or tea towel. Pour the boiling water into a bowl and cover with tea towel or hand towel, this will trap the steam.

Step four - Place face over the bowl and cover head with towel, trapping the steam between the bowl and the towel.

Step five

Your face will begin to perspire and turn red. You may need to lift the towel to allow some of the trapped steam to escape. This will be necessary if the steam becomes too hot or you need to take a breath. Be careful that your nose, lips or any part of your face doesn’t touch the top of the boiling water.

Step six 

When you feel your pores have opened and your face has been continuously perspiring for a few minutes, remove your head from under the towel. Remember to replace the towel back over the bowl to trap the steam.

Step seven - Taking advantage of open pores, now is the perfect time to exfoliate! Select your favourite product and use it to provide a deep clean.

Step eight - Remove the exfoliation product with a warm flannel and warm water if required. Once all removed place your face over the bowl again to steam. 

Step nine - Repeat steps four to eight if you feel your skin requires some extra cleansing. 

Step ten - Once skin is thoroughly exfoliated, pat dry with a soft towel. Take two ice cubes and rub over your face to close all open pores. Pat dry face. 

Step eleven - My secret is to apply Witch Hazel, it's a natural product that reduces pores size and tightens skin. It's only negative is that is smells is quite unique.

Allow your skin a moment to breath before applying your favourite serum and moisturiser. 

Take a look in the mirror... I bet you look ten years younger!












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